Jumpy Candy

Love the thrill of ball jumping & switch circle go up games?
Then you are sure to love the thrill of Jumpy Candy – the new circle up color jump game.
Jumpy Candy is a super fun candy tap hop game where you get to tap and jump with your candy to collect all the fruit & sweets you can. Get through the rotating circles without touching the candy bomb to collect all the fruits on your way.

This candy tap jelly jumper game has a stunning design and cool sound effects that will get you hooked to playing fast. Just tap on the screen to jump with your candy to get it through the rotating circle and collect your fruits. Don’t touch the rotating candy bomb that moves around the circle to get your candy safely through the circle.

In this go up tap jump game you get to choose the difficulty. Play with easy, medium, or hard difficulty. As you progress, the candy bombs on the rotating circle multiply and start to move faster around the circle making it more challenging for you to get your candy through. Get your candy safe through the circles!

Longer you stay in this jumping candy tap hop game, higher the scores for you. Collect all the fruits you can to get even higher scores. The fruits you collect can be used in the game’s shop for getting even cooler jumping candies. Put your skills on the test with this candy tapper and share your best scores with friends.

▪️ Stunning design and sound effects
▪️ Simple tap controls & circle jump up gameplay
▪️ Tap fast to jump up or tap slower to hop the candy in balance
▪️ Get through the rotating circle
▪️ Don’t touch the candy bombs
▪️ Choose the game’s difficulty
▪️ Use fruits to buy jumping candies
▪️ Get your sweet jump high scores
▪️ Share your best scores with friends

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Show great reflex tap hop skills, jump and get through the rotating circles to collect your fruits.
✅ Download Jumpy Candy now for FREE!

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