Jumpy Candy

Love the thrill of ball jumping & switch circle go up games? Then you are sure to love the thrill of Jumpy Candy – the new circle up color jump game. Jumpy Candy is a super fun candy tap hop game where you get to tap and jump with your candy to collect all the fruit & sweets you can. Get through the rotating circles without touching the candy bomb to collect all the fruits on your way.

3D Infinite Tunnel Rush

A physics based simulation game which defies geometry. As a surfer you need to survive through the infinitely changing direction. Pass through the tricky obstacles which can be static as well as dynamic. Obstacles may be sphere shape, cubical or triangular. You will need to be fast to change your strategy according to the pace of the game.

Jumpy Ambulance Racing Driving

Have you ever played Jumpy Bumpy Ambulance Driving Simulation game in your android device? It’s just AWESOME! Really, you will be a doctor who will sit inside the ambulance and drive as a crazy driver! An emergency operation is required and you have to be on the scene as quick as possible. Take the victims to the hospital.

Shape n Mind Rush Color Match

Entertaining and Addictive games are always simple that's why we have brought you Shape and Mind Rush. A simple game with a single tap control but lots of excitement and challenging game play. All you have to do is to match the color and shape using a single tap control and that's it. But the challenging part comes when you have to do it quickly else you will miss it.

Extreme Maths Trivia Quiz

Extreme Maths is a perfect little quiz trivia game to test your mathematics skills and reaction rate. Its best for your little ones who are still learning the basics such as additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. You have to tap quick else time will run out. You are presented with true/ false options for the questions and you have to tap the correct answer.

Crazy Jumpy Fire Truck Racing

You are driving a firefighter racing against the vehicles in traffic covering miles of distance in the desert. Play an endless, realistic physics based simulator game and witness an extreme addictive gameplay. Don’t be hassled with complex controls, rather shift your gears with perfect simple controls. Cross the limits with your unmatchable driving skills.

Survival War - Asteroid Belt

The Universe is falling apart. Enemy has attacked and you are the last hope of mankind. Use your skills and repel the assault. Fly through the Asteroid belt which is the battlefield and fight one of the battles of the war. Fly in the dark night sky and blast off all the asteroids. Stop the unstoppable. You have no alliance, there is no single empire, entire universe is on the verge of extinction.

Flying Tiny Bird In the Land of Candies and Ice Creams

Help the Low Flying Bird travel through Ice Creams in the Land of Candies. The lone bird is stuck in Land of Candies and now wants to get home, its your responsibility to guide him through ice creams. Features:
- Hand Drawn Graphics From Scratch - Eye Catching Colorful Artwork - Simple Gameplay with alot of fun

Shooting Battle Fighting - 2 Double Shot to Zombie By Commando Guns In Highway

The town of Happyfolks has seen better days. The dark shadow has fallen on the peaceful town and now it is up to you, the hero with a jetpack to defend it from the angry horde of ghouls, ghosts and zombies. Fight the undead with a variety of weapons.

Forest Ride Dash in Safari Street - Endless Caveboy Arcade Escape Free

Want a Good Ride? Want an Excellent Environment? Then come play Forest Ride. Travel through amazing forest. Confront animals, hit them or scare them away. Travel through lovely forests. Then what are you waiting for? Play and beat your friends.Compare scores with your friends through Game Center.

Army Strike Force Weaponry Battalion

Be the Head of an Army and derive strategy to take control of the area. Capture all the area and reclaim your land. Key Features: - Hand Drawn tanks and environments - Multiplayer game to compete against the world - Test your mind limits by designing strategies. Then what are you waiting for? Download and play this free game now!